Sunday, November 30, 2014

November: 2 out of 3 ain't bad

For PRs, that is! Here's some recaps.

Nov. 8 - Hermann Park Run in the Park 5k, 22:56

My company sponsored this race again this year, so in return the Hermann Park Conservancy gave us 10 free entries and I rounded up a bunch of coworkers to participate.

The course was a loop of the park, which I run all the time on my own. I pushed hard to try to PR/hopefully break 23 and was happy to see a so close 23:03 on my watch when I crossed the finish. However, the results somehow got screwed up at first and they had me at 25:xx. When they finally got them resolved, I saw that my official time was actually 22:56. Success!

Cheers to Chron PRs!

Nov. 16 - HMSA Classical 25k

I had a secret A goal to finish in under 2:10 (8:25 pace) for this one. B goal was to finish it faster than the 25k split from my marathon PR, and C goal was to beat my 25k PR (from the same race the previous year). The race went pretty much the same as last year...strong first loop, slight slow down on the second loop, major blow-up on the third. I did end up PRing by 43 seconds, though. And even though I missed the marathon PR split by 4 seconds, I've finally realized that the first 15.5 miles of the Houston Marathon course are way easier than three loops of Mount Memorial Drive, thank God. And silver lining? The average pace for my 2:15:34 finish was 8:45, which is my goal marathon pace. Let's see if I can pace myself backwards based on this race on Jan. 18, though...

Oh, hey, what's that? The ever-important water bottle I should have carried at last month's half! This race was about 10 degrees cooler, thankfully.

Thanksgiving Day - TXU Turkey Trot 10k

No PR here, even though this race was my PR for a long time. Finished 40 seconds slower than my 2011 time, actually, in 50:46. I took off just a few seconds faster than PR pace, ran the first mile in 7:42 and slowly fizzled out. The weather was in the 40s and perfect, but I didn't think about the fact that we'd be out in the sun for most of the race. I got way too warm in my arm sleeves and took them off as I continued to slow down in mile 4. I think I should have been able to run strong and PR this one, but some days you just don't have it, you know? The fact that I didn't sleep well all week and didn't have a real dinner the night before probably didn't help matters much, either...

And another decent showing by Team Chron.

Yesterday I ran my first 20-miler of the training season, which included miles 7-10 at goal marathon pace (8:35-8:45) and mile 15 at goal half marathon pace (7:55-8:00), per Coach Steph's instructions. I've paced myself well on all my non-race long runs so far, I think this one was my strongest one so far, and a much-needed mental boost as race day gets closer:

Next weekend I'm racing the Run Girl Half Marathon, which I was hoping to try to PR, but it looks like this season's trend of warmer-than-usual race weather is going to continue to next weekend and my main goal is going to be to run a (much) stronger race than last month's half.