Friday, March 27, 2015


Between "springing forward," being more swamped than usual with work, and being stressed out by some personal stuff, I've been exhausted for pretty much the entire month of March. I've felt like I'm in a fog most days, and like I've been swimming through quicksand on just about every run since last month's Woodlands Half Marathon. All three of my March races (the NYC Half, Law Week 8k and Sugar Land/St. Paddy's Day Half) came with my legs feeling less than fresh and me second-guessing myself about why I bothered to sign up.

NYC was a fun long weekend visiting Carla, and it was great to see a bunch of my college friends at a Hofstra  alumni happy hour, particularly because I'm not sure if I'll make it back to New York again this year. As for the NYC Half itself...let's just that dead legs + the pizza eaten the night before not agreeing with me = a finish time almost five minutes slower than last year's race. Seeing as it was my third of six spring halves, it was pretty easy to dust myself off at the end and say "Onto the next."

With the last two came my first-ever double race weekend, something I'd always wanted to try, but ideally feeling fresh and confident enough to challenge myself and race both races all-out. Alas, it turned out to be ridiculously humid last weekend, and with my ever-present state of fatigue, all-out racing certainly didn't happen. I actually ended up running the half at a faster average pace than the 8k, in 1:53:41/8:40 pace (a cursed number I can't seem to shake for the Sugar Land Half; this was my third time running this race and both other times I ran a 1:53:xx). However, this was actually right about what I expected to run a week after the NYC Half (which I ran in 1:54:12) and it was a nice surprise to run Sugar Land slightly faster (even if only by 31 seconds) since I'd also never run two halves that close together before. I ran the 8k in 43:01/8:45 pace. (Allen Parkway kind of crushed my soul...) 

I also had a random bit of bad luck with these two races — my timing chip didn't work for either one! About 300 other people shared this problem in the 8k, though, and the timing company was able to eventually give me official results for both. I definitely want a double-race weekend re-do and am considering doing another one with a 10k and a 5k in early May.

Spectators kept commenting on how much I smiled in the second half of the Sugar Land Half. It was because I was glad to be almost DONE! #holyhumidity
And with the Sugar Land Half came my fourth half marathon in seven weeks! The first three were two weeks apart from each other, and the last two were one week apart. Woof, I'm exhausted just saying that. I never meant to sign up for so many halves in one season; I kind of went crazy with early bird specials for the local ones and sort of forgot about them when I signed up for the NYC Half lottery (on a high after an awesome race there last year), Country Music Half in Nashville (favorite race) and the Newport Half (my high school XC coach's race and rare opportunity to visit Dad in Oregon). But I found that I didn't want to give any of them up — I really hate wasting money and I've never missed a race unless I was injured or very sick. I am glad to have a whole month until the next one (Nashville), though!

Next weekend I've got the 4-mile "Brunch Run" in Memorial Park, which was a surprise PR last year. I'm not counting on that this time, with it taking place the morning after my friend Claire's bachelorette party. But hopefully with some more rest and a slowdown in other aspects of life, I'll regain the pep in my step in the next couple of months. 

Until next time...