Sunday, May 24, 2015


My next race is next Saturday's Newport Half in Oregon, so the monthly update is definitely going to get away from me if I put it off until afterward. Guess you'll have to hear about it in June.

To pick up where I left off last month, my legs felt pretty fresh once I jumped right back into things after running all the hills in Nashville. Go figure. On May 2nd, I ran the Texas Exes 10k, which was the race I PR'd in 48:24 and finally broke 50 minutes in last year.

I got there with plenty of time to spare for a super-easy warm-up run and stretch session and somehow knocked out splits from 7:49 to 7:38. But I'm terrible at math and was convinced I'd be over 49 minutes when I finished. Turns out I was closer than I thought and finished in 48:28, only missing a PR by 4 seconds. Gah! Next time, a harder kick to the finish...

Obviously had to get a photo with the longhorn. Did you know one of the UT mascots' names is actually "Hook 'em?"
The next day I ran the inaugural Santo de Mayo 5k at the Saint Arnold Brewery with Team Chron. The race itself was a little crowded on an out-and-back course on a bike trail, which made for a slower overall pace than the previous day's race. But, the afterparty was awesome! I'd definitely do this one again next year.

Cheers! They said since I'm freelancing, I can still crash the Team Chron pics, ha.
Later that week, in addition to starting my new job, I got to meet the rest of the Houston Marathon ambassadors! It was cool to hear everyone's running stories, learn how exactly the team selection process worked, and what the weeks leading up to the race will entail.

Hoping to plan a run + brunch with these guys soon!
Speaking of that race, if you've got a qualifying time, May 30th is the last day to register for a guaranteed entry. What are you waiting for?? #bestmarathon

Until next month!